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Welcome to Cox Code

Welcome to Cox Code – the intersection of innovation, design, and technology.

Cox Code is a digital agency that born in the Australian tech scene. We are a team of dedicated professionals, driven by a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and the power of digital solutions."

Our Mission

At Cox Code, our mission is simple: to create digital experiences that are not only effective but also inspiring. We believe in the transformative power of technology and its ability to elevate businesses, communities, and individuals. Our approach is holistic; we integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence with luxurious design to deliver products that are both intelligent and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Vision

We envision a world where technology connects, empowers, and simplifies. A world where your digital presence is not just functional but also a reflection of your brand's identity and values. Cox Code is dedicated to bringing this vision to life by being a catalyst for innovation and a beacon for design-driven technology.

Meet the Founder

Ben Ajaero

Ben Ajaero

Founder & Visionary

A motivated entrepreneur and dedicated student at UNSW pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and Aerospace Engineering (Honours), Ben is the driving force behind Cox Code. His vision for a digital agency that blends cutting-edge innovation with luxurious design has set Cox Code apart in the Australian tech landscape.


Our Agency

Our Adelaide-Born Digital Agency Cox Code grew here, amid the lively roads and tranquil alleys of Adelaide—a city as diverse and dynamic as the digital lands we navigate. Where the sparkling River Torrens flows afar, it's the soul of our community, the quiet talks in cafes, the laughter in the parks, and the collective drive for progress that fuels us.

In Adelaide, we've discovered a rare blend of history and advancement, arts and technology, community and individuality. It's this balance that infuses our work at Cox Code. We're not just another digital agency; we're your neighbors, your fellow festival-goers, the pleasant faces you pass on the street. Our solutions are homegrown, envisioned in the same spaces where our city's heartbeats resonate the strongest.

At Cox Code, we weave the fabric of our city's character into every line of code we write. Our commitment is to deliver not only exceptional user experiences but to do so with the authenticity and passion that Adelaide inspires in us. Because for us, every pixel, every interface, is a testament to the place we're proud to call home.

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